Would it help resource usage if users downgrade their resource_class?

It says in the docs that one has to be a paid user in order to use the resource_class key. However, I wonder if there is value in allowing any users (free, open source) to downgrade if they wish?

Put another way, when I use a 4G Docker container, does this actually reserve 4G of RAM, or is just the max limit? I believe my builds are fairly light on RAM, but if they only consume on the host what they are actually using in the container, there’d be no point in specifying a lower class of machine.

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That sounds like a great idea! Can you file that at https://circleci.com/ideas/ please so our Project Managers can see it and review?

Is it your view that a 4G Docker machine actually consumes 4G of RAM, @drazisil ? There is certainly value in my raising it if so, but I am wondering if they just consume what they need, up to that limit.

Requesting 4G for a build ensures that the build will run on a box with 4GB free. Most builds are pretty reasonable about their memory use, though there are always exceptions.

Ah, fair enough. So, although it will take what it needs, it might be easier/faster to start it on another host if a smaller amount of RAM is available on a different build server?

I’ll see about putting it in /ideas.

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