Working with slow CocoaPod setup

I am in the process of migrating CI for an iOS app to CircleCI, but I’m not seeing any reasonable way of dealing with extremely long CocoaPod setup.

Even with caching in place, it’s taking about 5 minutes to restore the cache and then another 3 minutes to run pod setup to get up-to-date. Setup takes about 13 minutes without caching.

Is this the best it gets?

I’m seeing Best practice for use of cached Cocoapods specs.


Takes about 8 minutes using this recommended method, about the same as using the cache. Any other ideas out there?

Hi @jskrepnek,

I am not sure if I will be able to help you but we use cocoapods on our ios project on CircleCI and the full cocoapods set up took around 8-9 minutes for us. That consisted of us fetching the pods with the script that CircleCI provides:

curl | bash -s cf

and then doing pod install.

Changes we did is remove this step completely, make sure we have our cocoapods in our Gemfile, install everything with bundle install and then simply do bundle exec pod install

These steps took us to around 02:30 - 02:50 minutes of pods build time in our pipeline.

I hope this helps for you and your project.