Workflow tags not displayed correctly


Hi guys,

When we create a new tag in Git, circle starts a workflow with that tag, recently the tag name doesn’t show up in the workflow. Check the screenshots:

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I think is just an UI issue.


I’m actually facing the same problem.

To sum up, when one of my workflows which is just executed when a TAG is pushed is in execution, I can’t find it on workflows page. This is only being shown on jobs page.


Another issue is that once on a single workflow page, you cannot go back to the list of workflows for that tag. The link on the tag does not work. It is the same on the Job page

While I agree that for workflows, there most often should be only one workflow, it is not always the case (e.g. we’ve had issues like not ready fast enough or prematurely shutting down Postgres containers, hence multiple builds for a tag).