Wix/detox UI tests don't run on CircleCI

Hello everyone,

we are building react-native app (iOS only) and for e2e testing we use Detox framework (https://github.com/wix/detox). When I run these tests locally everything works fine but I’m unable to make them run in CircleCI (2.0).

Here is what our config.yml file looks like (in .circleci folder):

And these are the relevant package.json parts
under scripts:

and then:

When I run these tests on CircleCI everything works up to the test phase. There it behaves erroneously. First it finds the booted device but it seems like detox skips some of the steps it does when run locally and tries to run some test steps but these seems to be chosen randomly and are not even part of the same test function.

Did anyone encounter similar problems? Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

Hi @Crhaj did you make any progress on this? Currently experiencing the same thing.

@Crhaj I created an issue on the detox repo since I think it might be fixable there https://github.com/wix/detox/issues/670

Hi @Angry-Potato I did not. I’ve posted question to stack overflow as it is the main channel detox developers use now to troubleshoot. I got some responses there from their developers but no solution yet.
Thanks you for posting the github issue here. Will keep an eye on this.

@Crhaj nice, I created a repo that reproduces the issue https://github.com/Angry-Potato/detox-testing

seems to be that the first test fails regardless of what it is or what the state of the app is

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