Why build appears as fixed if e2e tests aren´t passed?


This didn´t happened some time ago…
I guess there has been some changes I have missed.

How can I configure this so my build appears green as fixed only when both unit and e2e tests pass?

Which E2E framework are you using?

It´s an AngularJS app and I´m using Protractor


Reporting wrong status code is often due to a bug in your framework or an extra command that always succeeds run unexpectedly after failed test.

Best way to troubleshoot is ssh into a build, run the test command in question, and check the exist status code with echo $? command.

I believe it’s this line of code that’s causing the problem, if I understand the question:

                keepAlive: true, // The grunt process stops when the test fails.

You are telling grunt to continue when there is an error. You want it to stop on fail, then it will correctly return the exit code 1 for CircleCi to report on.

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Yes that´s right.
Now it´s working.

But I have to say, it has been running with this grunt file for over a year and never happened before. I think there is something else somewhere.

But right now this is perfectly working!!