When to use a "Deploy Key" vs. a "User Key"?

When configuring a project’s SSH Keys, there’s the option of adding a “Deploy Key” or a “User Key”. When should each of these options be used?

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It is documented at least from the point of view of GitHub here

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Hi @dserodio ,

A “Deploy Key” is linked to a repository, so it will allow you to checkout the specific repository it was generated in.

A “User Key” is linked to a user, and will therefore allow you to interact with all repositories that user has access to.

In most cases, you will only need a “Deploy Key”, as you’ll likely only checkout the related repository.

But in cases where in addition to checking out the project repository, you also need to interact with another (or other) repository(ies), “User Key” would be more appropriate.

Thanks! The way you phrased it is easier to understand then the text in the CircleCI UI

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