What version should I use to pin a third party orb

This is a follow up question to my previous post. I want to pin the version of this orb so that security approval can be done with in our company. Now i am confuse which version to pin … The above post shows an example using version 0.0.6. Not sure if its real version because i couldn’t find any reference to it.

The github shows that this orb has 5 release tags, latest being master-patch-master-49d3aad. However, I also see that in .circleci/config.yml#L3 it is using version 0.3. Not sure if this line telling that this is the version to Expose or what.

So in my config.yml file, what version should i use?

Hey @Pawan , I am tagging you here since you have context about this.

NVM, I found my answer. The orbs are exported here CircleCI Developer Hub - ganezasan/auto-cancel-workflow and i can see its version is 0.0.6

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Thanks for the update. Happy to know that you have found the answer.

Pawan Bahuguna