Virtual Meetup - Automated Browser Testing with Puppeteer - 25 May 2021 @ 6pm BST

Hi folks, we have a new meetup coming up next week on the topic of Puppeteer for browser testing with Jack Franklin.

Jack is an engineer at Google working on Puppeteer, an open source browser testing tool.
He will introduce us to Puppeteer, and explain how it works, demo it in action, and cover how they use it at Google, as well as what the future of Puppeteer might hold… :crystal_ball:

Jack is a Software Engineer at Google in London working on the Chrome DevTools. He’s a regular speaker and writer on topics including JavaScript, Software Design and maintaining software systems.

You can RSVP at this Meetup Page - Continuous Delivery Everywhere

We’ll present live on Twitch, and YouTube, with Q&A happening on the CircleCI Discord server!

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