Variable substitution does not work for cache_directories


I have been trying to replace the ‘25’ in the following circle.yml file with an environment variable I’ve defined called ANDROID_PLATFORM:

cache_directories: - /usr/local/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-25

However, the following doesn’t work, and neither does it with quotes nor without the braces
cache_directories: - /usr/local/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-${ANDROID_PLATFORM}

The environment variable definitely works as it’s working fine elsewhere, e.g. in dependencies:

- if [ ! -d "/usr/local/android-sdk-linux/platforms/android-$ANDROID_PLATFORM" ]; then echo y | android update sdk --no-ui --all --filter "android-$ANDROID_PLATFORM"; fi

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I am having effectively the same problem on 1.0 (still trying to learn 1.0, too much to learn to switch to 2.0 just to solve this one problem.)