Using SOLR 5 with sunspot-solr

With the latest versions of sunspot (2.2.7 to be specific) the format for starting solr has gone from:
bundle exec rake sunspot:solr:start
bundle exec sunspot-solr start

Despite keeping the old syntax alive, it fails to start sunspot properly and I can’t seem to figure out how to override the inferred start command for SOLR. Has anyone overridden the start command for SOLR before? We would also like to add custom flags to the start so simply changing the inferred command would be great but it’d still be good to know how to properly override it.

What happens when you try this?

    - bundle exec sunspot-solr start

That causes all tests to fail because other database tasks aren’t performed:

ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError: Unknown database ‘app_test’ Run $ bin/rake db:create db:migrate to create your database