Using non-default Node is Slow or Failing

Looks like NodeJS is have some temporary issues which is causing slowness or failures.

If at all possible, try to use the default version of NodeJS on your image until upstream can fix this issue.

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This happen on machine section setup, what does this mean?


I’m new to CircleCI, and so far it seems like a good bit of kit.

I added the below to my circle.yml file

machine: node: version: 6.9.1

This triggered the following step in the machine phase during a build
set node.js version to 6.9.1

During my earlier builds this step only used to take 4 seconds to complete.
I’ve realised in my most recent builds it now takes around 3 minutes to complete.

I’m curious as to why this might be? And if there is a way to get back to the 4 second mark :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated


I noticed the same issue this morning. Our node 6.9.1 install step now takes 8 minutes, whereas last night it took seconds. Did circle upgrade to 6.9.2 as the default version since it is now the latest LTS?

I upgraded our circle.yml to use 6.9.2 and it’s still taking 8+ minutes to install node. Not sure what changed, but this is unacceptable for node build times.

I’m also having issues with this - installing a non-standard node version is causing my builds to time out

It appears there are issues with installing your required versions of node. We are seeing very long times for installing the node version (~10 mins) or even outright failure. For example see the below image:

Appears to be a problem with the Node download servers

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