Using custom Linux image as base image for VM

I want to build a custom linux VM image , that includes extra app/tools and use it as a base image for my circleci VM.
I mean I wan to put my custom image under

I want to do that to save time when I spin up a new environment , so I don’t wait for all installing steps that are always the same.

How can I achieve that ? can I build a custom image and use it as base for my VM ?

There is support for using custom-based docker images, but as far as I can tell no support for custom-based machine images.

This makes sense as you would have to build an image that correctly supports the aws environment that circleci runs in and all the proprietary setups that circleci adds to their images.

If you do need a dedicated VM image or even a physical deployment the solution is to use a self-hosted runner, where you deploy your own environment and then link it to the circleci eco-system.

Thanks for the clarification

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