Use Context ENVs for Slack custom template fails

We have developed a nice custom template for our Slack posts. Ideally, we could use this template across all of our projects without duplicating it. However, when we attempt to read the string from a Context Environment variable, it fails the JQ parsing. Most of the errors are very similar to:

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 16

The actual JSON is pretty straight forward

	"attachments": [{
		"color": "#5CBB8B",
		"pretext": "Build #$CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM of *$CIRCLE_PROJECT_REPONAME* project has passed",
		"title": "$CIRCLE_STAGE Results",
		"title_link": "$CIRCLE_BUILD_URL",
		"text": "<< pipeline.parameters.commitMessage >>",
		"footer": "<< pipeline.parameters.authorName >> | $CIRCLE_BRANCH | ${CIRCLE_SHA1:1:6}",
		"footer_icon": "<< pipeline.parameters.authorUserName >>.png?size=32"

We have tried placing the text within the JQ playground at and it parses correctly. We have also tried a TON of ways to evaluate the ENV within our YML file as we have seen ENVs be evaluated differently based on the Orb / command they are being evaluated within. Nothing works.

We do have a working solution using Pipeline parameters, but that still requires the duplication across projects.

Any suggestions for storing our Slack message template JSON in a reusable way?