Unsupported or missing workflows config version when using 2.1 on Server

We’re running CircleCI 2.16.2 (latest) on prem.

I’m trying to use a 2.1 config:

version: 2.1

  microscanner: aquasecurity/microscanner@0.1.6

    executor: microscanner/default
      - checkout
      - run: docker build -t circleci/node:latest .

      - docker-build
      - microscanner/scan-image:
            - docker-build
          context: microscanner
          image: circleci/node:latest

I get the following error with that config:

We weren't able to start this workflow.
Encountered errors trying to create workflows from this config: Unsupported or missing workflows config version

When searching for this problem, suggestions are to “enable build processing in your advanced project settings”.

When I navigate to “Settings > my-company > my-project > build settings > advanced settings” there is no option to enable “build processing”.

Our 2.0 configs work fine. How can I use 2.1 configs with our on-prem CircleCI?


Hi there. The Server version of the CircleCI platform does not currently support the 2.1 syntax and features. I don’t not have a timing for when this will be added, I recommend reached out to your account manager so they can record your interest and keep you updated.

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