'Unknown' Tests


What do I have to do in Circleci 2.0 to stop tests from showing tests as ‘unknown’, for example, I am seeing the following output in the Test Summary:

Your build ran 1 tests in unknown with 0 failures

I’m currently putting the test results report into ~/junit/test-results.xml


What test formatter are you using to create the XML output?


I’m using dotnet xunit to run my tests which is creating xunit v2 xml
output which I am the. transforming to the junit structure using xslt.


That’s because CircleCI infers the name of the test runner from the folder structure.

If your config.yml looks like this:

- store_test_results:
          path: artifacts/junit

Then you should write your JUnit file to artifacts/junit/xUnit and the sentence will become Your build ran 1 tests in xUnit with 0 failures.