Unable to view playwright-report/trace/index.html artifact

I’m unable to view the file “playwright-report/trace/index.html” in my artifacts - it displays a blank page.

I saw on this page (Managing build artifacts - CircleCI) it could be related to “unsafe content” types, but if so, I’m not sure where to configure.

The docs you have linked to are for dedicated in-house server deployment, so the ability to change the documented setting is not likely to be a feature of the SAAS-hosted solution.

Artefact management on the hosted service is detailed here


If you are getting an empty file, you may like to first -

  • check from within the circleci.yml script that the file does have a length greater than 0.

  • cat the file out to the tty as part of a step - this would at least validate that it has content. As it is an html page it may be something as simple as it referring to an external file for formatting information.

The link above also details how you can use curl to download the artefact file directly.

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What about not hosted CircleCI? Any options to do somthing with that?