Unable to use scripts that call other scripts

I have a job with a step to call a script

- run:
      name: Install JS dependencies
      command: <<include(scripts/install_js_dependencies.sh)>>

This works fine, I have this script in my scripts folder

But the install_js_dependencies.sh script has a call to another script common.sh, which contains a bunch of functions that are reused in other scripts (sorry it’s probably getting convoluted!)

install_js_dependencies.sh gets called, but it fails with an error that it can’t find common.sh

/bin/bash: line 7: common.sh: No such file or directory

common.sh is also in my scripts folder.

I can not work out how to make one script call another; Is any one able to point me in the right direction please?

I would start by replacing the call to common.sh with a ls -lah && pwd. This feels to me an issue of relative file paths.