Unable to inject Context variables into workflow initiated from fork

I’m not sure where to post this topic, as it could be a bug, or simply my own misunderstanding.

This CircleCI Blog post: https://circleci.com/blog/triggering-trusted-ci-jobs-on-untrusted-forks/

Ends with this snippet:

Something new to explore is CircleCI’s recent announcement of restricted contexts which includes the possibility of injecting secrets into a portion of the workflow graph, triggered by a manual approval step. That could be the foundation for a more convenient and flexible approach to letting reviewers trigger trusted builds.

Is this currently possible, or is the author alluding to a potential future enhancement?

I have a workflow that has:

  • Unrestricted jobs
  • Manual approval job
  • Job with restricted context

However, my job with a restricted context does not spin up with the context’s environment variables if initially triggered from a fork, even if the approver meet’s the restricted context’s requirements.

Any updates on this? I would like to use contexts for fork PRs but it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

Hi @Lalli and welcome to the CircleCI Discuss community!

Is the Pass secrets to builds from forked pull requests feature enabled in your project settings?