Unable to checkout code


due a recent fix in git : fatal: unsafe repository ('F:/GitHub/my-project' is owned by someone else) · Issue #1735 · progit/progit2 · GitHub
It’s impossible to check out code with CircleCI if the docker target folder belongs to a different user.

This means that when you specify working_directory: in any step, and it doesn’t belong to the user that’s used for checking out the code, the entire step fails.


Thank you for sharing that reading through the provided links starting in Git v2.35.3, safe directory checks can be disabled, which will end all the “unsafe repository” errors.

Locally you can run:

git config --global --add safe.directory '*'

The command will then will add the following setting to your global .gitconfig file:

    directory = *

You also have full access to run sudo which would allow you to change the directory owners if you would prefer before running the checkout step

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Owen Oliver