Unable to change staging branch


Good Morning,
I have a project with following circle.yml configurations for deployment:

        branch: develop
          - "[[ ! -s \"$(git rev-parse --git-dir)/shallow\" ]] || git fetch --unshallow"
          - git push git@heroku.com:cassanova-fo-fe-staging.git $CIRCLE_SHA1:refs/heads/master

Everything works ok, except that if I would like to change the branch that I want on the staging environment (ad an example if I change “develop” with “xxx”) the build of the new branch (“xxx”) doesn’t execute the deployment commands. Builds of the old branch (“develop”) correctly stop to execute deployment commands.

Any Ideas?


Does circle.yml in the master/default branch also get the new branch to deploy?


Hi Feliciano,
no, I’ve made the change on the old and the new branch, but not in the master. Is that the problem? So does circle-ci consider only the .yml in the master branch?