Unable to add for review with Xcode 15.0.1

Like many iOS developers (apple forums : /forums/thread/740853), I find myself unable to add our app for review with Xcode 15.0.1.

It seems the problem comes from the Xcode 15.0.1 version, people downgrading to Xcode 15.0 don’t seem to have the issue.

In my config.yml I have my Xcode version set to 15.0.0 :

      xcode: 15.0.0

But it seems that you guys use the 15.0.1 image :

machine-agent version 1.0.62694-73b772eb (image: "xcode:15.0.1", public ip: "", provider: "Mac Cloud")

Could you maybe switch to 15.0.0 in the meantime ?