Triggering a deployment build through an HTTP POST

I have a project (node app) currently being triggered by a github push, typical. I have created a Ci tool using AWS S3, Lambda, and the SlackAPI + webhooks which sends test results (e2e) from the CircleCI build to a Manager on Slack. I did this because we did not want irrelevant/non-crucial E2E tests failing a deployment. Instead, we want the project to build in CircleCI, then and after it builds the results are sent to Slack, and then… The Slack message has two buttons, accept (deploy) and reject. The accept button is only capable of sending an HTTP Post req, which triggers a lambda function… I’m trying to tell circleCI to deploy_docker in or through lambda… any suggestions?

  • I need the last lambda function to parse the slack req.body to figure which button was pushed. As of now, I have the Lambda function just sending back the name of the button to the appropriate channel, I would like it to trigger a deploy through circleCI.

This could be done through codeDeploy with S3 and some other JAzz, but I’m going to try and cut AWS out once I have this working.

Any suggestions or questions/clarification are welcome.

Thanks in advanced!:hugs:

I would also be interested to know what the solution is/was/would be.

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