Tests time out in UI but run fine in SSH

I’m seeing this in the circleci UI:

command node_modules/.bin/babel-node node_modules/.bin/isparta cover --report lcov --report text --report html --verbose --dir ${CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS}/coverage test/index.js took more than 10 minutes since last output

However, the exact same command runs fine inside the test container when I use the SSH debug mode.

What could be causing this issue? I have no idea how to begin debugging this since it works fine when I SSH into the container.

We have the same issue here :’(

My issue appears to be a race condition. Something in the container is not ready in time – this works:

    - timeout 30s npm run -s test || npm run -s test

I have a similar issue where a test fails when run by the CI, but passes when I ssh in run it manually. The default timeout appears to be 600s according to the documentation, but my tests are running for much less than this so I’m not sure what the error is or how to begin debugging it.