Tests run locally and when deploying to UAT, but not when going to Production



The stack you’re using
Angular, running Protractor and Karma tests

The exact error message you are getting

protractor tests/protractor.conf.js --capabilities.browserName ‘firefox’ returned exit code 1

Which troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken

  • Tried running test locally to see if they fail (they pass locally)
  • Rerun them without cache
  • Repeated the process a few times, but it’s always the same

Any recent changes either in the codebase or the stack

  • Added e2e tests
  • Added some unrelated features to the app

What happens when you run the tests locally
They always pass

What is supposed to happen when your build runs
They’re supposed to pass, because they do pass when the app is being deployed to UAT server.
The builds are almost identical to each other.
I haven’t changed anything about them and they used to pass consistently.

The build URL if the project is public
Not public.


Hi, with a little help of my colleague I’ve managed to solve this.

A Bower package was split into separate parts, thus a dependancy went missing.

Caching is great, but sometimes it causes problems.

Clearing Bower cache indicated the issue, so I was able to solve it in 2 seconds.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting the solution here!