Tests marked as failed but are still running

Example: https://circleci.com/gh/istio/istio/405501

In this test, it has been marked as “Failed”, but the last step “make test.integration.kube” is still “running”. I assume it isn’t literally running, but it is reported as such.

This is a major issue for us, since after this step we have a step that reports success/fail to an external system, so if it gets stuck like this we don’t know that the tests failed

At the moment, it seems to be “Failed”, but the filters show this:

Show containers:All (1)Successful (0)Failed (0)

which seems to indicate that it has not failed. It is also still running, which is a bit strange.

It’s been running for over 22 hours at this point, is that expected/normal? I wonder if there is a job time limit that has been triggered.

I don’t think it is actually running. At the top it is fixed at [(05:15)], which I think is the container runtime maybe?

This test outputs logging almost immediately and consistently, typically takes 30 min, which is why I think it isn’t running

It’s in a halfway state, isn’t it? make test.integration.kube is still ticking away…

I’d suggest opening a bug report by email.