Tests fail with Rails 5 + minitest-ci 😭




Ruby 2.3.3, Rails 5.0.2, minitest-ci 3.2.0


The ci-dir command line option that gets passed to my tests was causing them to fail in the same way as described here. Basically, the option gets rejected by minitest in Rails 5.

I’ve now tried to work around this by doing

    - bundle exec rails test:
      parallel: true
        - test/**/*_test.rb

But that means that all my tests run on both nodes, so I lose the benefits of parallelism.

Am I doing something wrong here, or does CircleCI not support Rails 5? Thanks for your help.


I’d really like some input from the CircleCI team about how to avoid this. Right now, this is blocking me from using parallel tests with Rails 5.

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