Testing with ansible

Hello everyone!
I’ve started my adventure with CircleCI and having some problems related to running tests in parallel.
In jobs > build stage I’m running 5 containers (1 container is for ansible, next containers should be deployed from first container).
How to run multiple run stages at same time?

Hi @Upgreydd

Can you please share your config, formatted so we can take a look?

your config.yml file

At this moment I’m checking all possibilities to resolve my problem so config is useless.
I’ll describe you problem.
I’m using docker image which is emulating EC2 instance, cloning my project into it and running ansible deployment command to top-up localhost (docker image).
Using this container I wanna run ansible to next containers (in parallel), but didn’t found any clean way to save whole current workspace and reuse it in next job. That would be very handy, cause at this moment I need to:

  • use machine in place of docker
  • export docker container
  • save exported container to cache/persisting workspace
  • in next job load cache
  • import container from file
  • continue

Seriously there’s no clean way to reuse prepared workspace (container)? Using machine it’s terrible to archive this and no option to archive this in docker :frowning:

docker-compose is your best bet for this. We don’t have a concept of prepared containers at this time, each container starts clear and new.

I’ve created a feature request for this here https://ideas.circleci.com/ideas/CCI-I-953
Please vote to show interest and track updates, as well as comment to clarify any additional parts of your use case.

My request is very simillar to this topics:

There’s a lot of people facing same problem and only dirty hacks allows to get required purpose

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