Test task ends with "died unexpectedly" - newbie question


I am new to CircleCI, so this might be a basic question.

I have a java gradle project on Github that I linked to CircleCI. I am using the inferred configuration.

The project is compiled correctly, a lot of tests are run, but at the end of task it displays the following:

export TERM="dumb"
if [ -e ./gradlew ]; then ./gradlew test;else gradle test;fi
died unexpectedly

Locally the tests run ok. The only thing that I think might be related is that it takes about 18minutes to run.



What specifically is the run time? Individual commands run from CircleCI have a default timeout of 10 minutes. Might that be the issue?

Yes, that is probably the case, the test step take about 15min locally. Is it possible to change this timeout?

Sure, the link that I gave in my previous post shows you how. Basically, you want to add a ‘timeout’ modifier below your command in circle.yml to set a custom timeout time.

Based on your initial post, this means you’ll need to create a circle.yml file if you don’t have one already. That same link has info on what goes in that file.