Support for Docker port forwarding

Allow for port forwarding when using docker executor. This is handy when needing to setup multiple docker containers that use the same port.

Most servers allow you to reset the listening port using a parameter switch, and you can pass a command to your secondary containers already. What image/server are you wanting to run multiples of?

How can I use command to do that?
Below is an example of what I wish to accomplish, granted I know there is no port attribute.
All 3 apps run on port 80 which for the tests I want to forward to some other port.

  - image: app1
    name: app1
    port: 80:8080
  - image: app2
    name: app2
    port: 80:8081
  - image: app3
    name: app3
    port: 80:8082

There is no (documented) port key. You need a command, as I said - see the reference here.

Your apps will also need to be able to accept a switch on the command line. For example, command: /path/to/app1 --port 8081 would launch this binary, and you’d have to modify the binary to accept the --port switch. The server would then connect on localhost:8081, and CircleCI would then work its automatic networking magic to make that available to the primary build container.

You cannot publish ports to the local environment though, as per your syntax 80:8081. That requires Docker to be in privileged mode, and that would not be safe to run in a shared CI environment. Use the command approach instead.

Good luck!

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