Support Announcement: End of Service for Server Version 3

Hey CircleCI Community,

We want you to know about our lifecycle policy and important dates for CircleCI Server.

  • Server Version 3.4 will be end-of-life and no longer receive support once v4.3 is released. You can find more details in our documentation here.
  • The official end-of-service date for Server Version 3 is January 31, 2024.

So, what do “end of life” and “end of service” mean?

End of Life:

When a version reaches its end of life (EOL), we stop providing features, bug fixes, and security patches. Supportability moves to a “best effort” model. While the version may still work, we strongly recommend upgrading or migrating to the latest version to get ongoing support and access to the latest features.

End of Service:

End of service means that the version will no longer be operable. It’s important to keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

If you’re currently using Server version 3, plan your upgrade or migration to the latest version of Server version 4 before the end-of-life date. This way, you’ll continue to benefit from our platform’s full potential and receive ongoing support.

Thanks for trusting CircleCI as your continuous integration and delivery partner. We’re here to provide the best solutions for your needs.


The CircleCI Team