Sudo keeps asking for a password during the build

couldn’t find any information and struggling with sudo asking for a password during the build. I thought circleci shouldn’t ask for a password?

[sudo] password for user:
sudo: no password was provided

Hi erkin,

This seems unexpected, could you share your CircleCI config?
Or at least the part that is failing?

thanks for replying!

      - checkout
      - helm/install-helm-client:
          version: v3.2.0

it’s simply failing to install helm because of the password, I did build an image with all dependencies for my app and use it as a main container, it has a user which is being used by circleci during the builds and i have different job within the same config.yml which is failing with the same issue but the difference is it’s trying to install different tool but asking for a password

And what is your executor?

I’ve found a post claiming that the issue was on ubuntu 12.04 used as executor, so maybe the executor you use has similar issue.
source: Sudo times out waiting for password on Ubuntu 12.04 - #3 by hselvarajan
And as per Sudo CircleCI Make Me a Sandwich - CircleCI it should not ask you for password.

You could also try with different version of helm client (e.g. 2.x.x) or different version of orb (try newest if you don’t use it or try some older if you use newest currently).
If nothing of that works, then the best would be to contact CircleCI support directly.

I use debian 10, I tried different versions but didn’t work, seems like debian has the same issue as ubuntu 12.04