Step logs disappear after build ends

while build executed, I could follow the log steps.
when it ended I refreshed the page and the log disappeared.
this started happening today.
is there a way to fix this?


I am hitting this as well. The last time logs were preserved was a job run @15:00 UTC yesterday. All jobs since only return the command run & exit code.

Inspecting the HTML there is nothing in the pre.output tag.

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We’re also experiencing this.

Same here, I have an automated build at ~1am for Sunday 8th September 2019, with logs missing. It’s not yet a big deal for us, but I can see how it would cause issues with broken build debugging.

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Same to me

Only first building stage or rebuilding can see the log, :confused:

Same problem

Facing a critical deploy issue but can’t figure it out.

Consider sending a detailed report of the issue to to get it logged.

Also, consider rebuilding - you might be able to watch for log errors while it rebuilds.

Finally, if that does not work, try getting an SSH session, and run the failing step command from there. That should give you an error on stdout.

We’re also seeing this, however we can’t debug it using ssh as you suggest @halfer because the output of the “Wait for SSH Sessions” step is also empty:


Same thing for me.

Sometimes the log is there if I rebuild and leave it open, but if I refresh it is gone.

I have been rebuilding since this morning (NZ-time).

This happens to both “regular steps” and for ssh session as well.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. It has now been rectified and we posted an announcement here: 'Missing step output' issue

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