Skip database step

How do I skip the database phase altogether???


What exactly are you trying to skip? If it’s what CircleCI runs through inference by default, you can do so with override line in circle.yml.

One way could be using something like this:

    - echo "Skipping DB section."

I hope that helps.

thanks Feliciano,

That’s exactly what I’m doing now, I hoped that would be an alternative… It feel weird to have to add those lines…
Inference is awesome, but on the other hand make thinks a little dirty when you need to override.

I this case I use database though docker container with docker compose, so the inference doesn’t really do what I need…

thanks anyway

I understand. At the very least, I would echo a message along the lines of what you said “database running in Docker, so disabling CircleCI’s Inference” to make it informative to you and anyone else in the future. Use it like documentation.