Showing <system-out> and <system-error> from junit.xml reports

When we write our junit.xml files, we include tags <system-out> and <system-err> which show the stdout and stderr for tests – is it possible to display these blocks for failed tests along with the failure messages?

At the moment it’s not possible to change what fields we parse and display in the test report output. Though if they exist in the junit.xml file I don’t think it would be too difficult to parse/output that information in a run step within the job. Making it easier to find and view this information when your tests encounter errors. There’s a number of tools that should let you parse the junit for failures, and have it extract the data you’re looking for within the job where the failures occur.

I know that’s more of a hack/workaround and may not be ideal. if you feel like we could improve our test reporting do share your thoughts with a feature request here on how we can better handle extracting test information.