Selenium WebDriverError: not a file: "home/circleci/.webdrivers/geckodriver"



Hi there! We’re investigating an issue that started about 3 days ago.

We started getting these errors when running our ruby tests (and now get them every time):

            not a file: "/home/circleci/.webdrivers/geckodriver"

We haven’t made any changes to our configuration between passing and failing builds, both are using the same version of Firefox (we are getting latest, but it was the same version before the builds started to fail and after), etc. I haven’t been able to figure out what might have changed - is it possible that there is something different with the release on the 7th that could have affected this in some way?

I’m still trying to investigate whether or not we have all of this set up correctly in the first place but if anyone can help point me in a good direction or has some insight into why this would suddenly start happening I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!


Never mind - We are using the webdrivers gem and were bitten by this issue:

Couldn’t actually find/download the driver so of course it wasn’t a file :smiley:

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