Selenium Java Testing

Hi, I’m new to circle CI, I don’t have any idea how to migrate my work in selenium to circle CI any tips on what to do or what to research about?
I’d start here.
I’m not running selinium, but our browser testing has 2 tricky parts worth keeping in mind,
Start a local server as background task, and wait on it to be serving (all of this can be skipped if you’re testing against a cloud environment)

        - run:
            name: Start
            command: << yourCommandHere >>
            background: true
        - run:
            name: Wait-on <<parameters.wait-on>>
            command: npx wait-on <<parameters.wait-on>>

Then trigger your tests.

Note that CI on its own is not a beginner task, and Selenium complicates things a great deal further. I mean it to be useful when I say that if your question is “where do I begin, help me”, you may struggle, and I don’t think this forum is set up for tuition. Do you have colleagues or commercial third-party support to help with this project?

Hey Halfer, thank you for you reply :slight_smile: I do have my boss to guide me, but I also try to learn it own my own in a way that could benefit me in the future. nonetheless seems like the community here is alright. hoping in the future I could contribute too

Thank you for the tip excenter :slight_smile: I have read this and it some how gave some idea on how I could make it work. right now I’m trying to understand the process so that I integrate my local work here

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