Second docker build doesn't see image from first docker build



My circle.yml:

    - docker

    - ~/docker
    - docker info
    - ./docker/

My ./docker/ is:

sha1=`git log -1 --pretty=format:%h`

docker build --rm=false -t lidar-indexer-base:latest -t lidar-indexer-base:${sha1} -f Dockerfile.indexer-base .
docker build --rm=false -t lidar-indexer -t lidar-indexer:${sha1} -f Dockerfile.indexer .

Dockerfile.indexer starts with:

FROM lidar-indexer-base:latest

The problem is that second build fails with:

Step 1 : FROM lidar-indexer-base:latest
Pulling repository
Error: image library/lidar-indexer-base:latest not found

./docker/ returned exit code 1

It works for me locally but on CircleCI it looks like second docker build command doesn’t see local image lidar-indexer-base:latest built in the first step. It tries to pull it from docker hub, which doesn’t have it.

Any idea how to make docker build see local lidar-indexer-base:latest instead of looking for it on docker hub?

Needless to say, I don’t want to push the image to external docker registry and have it re-downloaded.

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