Scripts in pre with non zero exit code no longer abort run


I have a Ruby on Rails project we’ve been building through CircleCI for some time now. A handful of months ago we added a script to the pre section that ran a hand-coded smoke test of sorts on one of our files. For most of the time since then, any failure in this script would cause the test run to abort (thus not wasting the considerable time our full suite takes). However this happened recently and did not end the full test run.

Did this behavior change recently? The timing suggests it’s 2.0 related, though notably these test runs are still on 1.0

If so, is there any way to enable the “fast fail” behavior that was previously in place?


This should not be happening, can you give me a link to the build?


Sure thing. Here is one (private) example:


Hi, was this resolved, we are facing the same issue where xcodebuild fails, it doesn’t mark build as failure and continues to run the tests.

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