Save project in workspace settings

Thanks for the extension, it is pretty useful so far.

One thing I find annoying is that I have to select the pipeline’s project every time I load my workspace. This is because I have a multi-root workspace for which you don’t detect the project according to the warning message I get (“Your project could not be detected because multi-root workspaces are not supported yet”). I understand the limitation since you may have multiple projects across your workspace, but if the extension could at least save the last project used, it would be nice.


Hi @appaquet .

Apologies for the late reply, but I have great news for you!
We’ve just released version 1.6.0 of the extension, and we have fixed the problem of project selection not being saved by workspace.

We are also working on supporting following more than one project at once - it might take a little time but I’ll be happy to let you know once it’s done!

If you have any more suggestions or issues, let us know!


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The project gets save correctly now.



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