Salesforce Deployments using SalesforceDX: Distributing builds in containers


Hello there,

I am pretty new to all CI and CircleCI. Up until now, I have worked with CircleCI 1 using a python based build tool called cumulusCI. So I might not be using correct terms - please accept my apologies.

What CumulusCI+CircleCI do for us is take the commit from github and initiate a build on a salesforce server. A working example can be found here:

When we commit to master, all changes are merged to open feature branches. Those feature branches initiate a feature build via cumulusci/circleci

My goal: Those feature builds run sequentially. Ideally I would be able to use parallelism and have each container do one build.

Im happy to answer any questions concerning the details of our process.



If you have multiple containers and you set parallelism to something less than the total containers, builds run in parallel. For example, if you have 4 containers with 1x parallelism, up to 4 builds can run at the sametime.