Run Workflow every minute with cron?

Is it possible to use the Workflow cron syntax to run a workflow every minute, eg:

  version: 2
      - smoke-test
      - schedule:
          cron: '* * * * *'
                - master

I should think so - what happens if you do that?

However, this would eat your build minutes quickly, and would probably only work if your build takes comfortably less than a minute. Do you really need it that often? I wonder if a mix of push and scheduled triggers would be more optimal.

I’ve gotten no output from this or other attempts as scheduled jobs. Not sure where these should be reporting, any suggestions?

In regards to why; it’s complicated but basically a fragile legacy app that we need to keep a close eye on. Yes, it is silly, but for now we want to do it until we move to our new software stack (which I hope happens soon!)

Oh doh, of course it won’t run… It’s not on master. Let me merge this and see how we do!

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