Run only those jobs or steps that are changed

I have a workflow which has 5 jobs and change in any job runs all the jobs which is not necessary. Even if there is an error in a file called in a particular job, all the jobs run when changed and pushed. Is there any way feature in circleci for this, if not any feature request pending.
Also there is another issue if I want to run test job every time and jobs only changed. Can this be possible with that feature. Any help would be useful.
If you have a solution can you provide the code because there isn’t much online for doubts.
Thank you.

Hi @Vishwakanth7662 ,

You can use setup workflows in order to conditionally run jobs based on updates to your repository. You can read more about dynamic configuration and setup workflows in this Discuss Thread.

Feel free to follow up here if you have any additional questions.

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