Run job at specific time


I’m going to split our release process of iOS Mobile application into 2 jobs.

  1. Deployment. (uploading app to TestFlight)
  2. Release. (submit app to AppStore)

When we upload build to TestFlight (1st job) it takes a few hours for processing.
So I want to run 2nd job in 2 hours after 1st and send build for review.

I know about cron (Using Workflows to Schedule Jobs - CircleCI)
But I need to do this 2nd job once.
It looks like I need something like at: command.

Is there a way to do this?

Hi @EvgeniyGT ,

I would suggest configuring a sequential jobs execution (using the requires key). This way you’d ensure that the second job only starts when the first one one has successfully completed.

You can find examples in our documentation.

Thanks for your reply @yannCI
But my request was about something else.
I need to run 2nd job in 2-3 hours after 1st job done.

I’m currently doing this with 2 cron jobs for scheduled stuff or 3 requires jobs buildsleeppublish where the sleep job is essentially

  - run:
      name: Sleep 30mins
      no_output_timeout: 40m
      command: |
        sleep 30m

I wasn’t able to find a delay or similar feature in the pipelines

IIRC there is a 2 hour job time limit so 2 sleep jobs of an hour each would be a safer route