Run Android Espresso tests with SauceLabs



Hi there
SauceLabs supports espresso tests and we can manually run them from web panel. Is there any way how to run espresso tests using SauceLabs from CircleCI?


Is this thing a binary that can be installed on Linux? Does it kick off a remote run on SauceLabs, or run something locally on the VM it is installed on? I expect it is possible (most things are), but it would probably need to be researched.

My general advice is that if you find you don’t know how to do something, then go into research mode in the first instance, rather than asking a question about it. Invariably, readers here would also have to research it, so it makes sense that such effort is undertaken by the person who needs it!

There may be some material in the SauceLabs docs?


Thank you for responce. I found working instruction here: But unfortunately espresso testing on SauceLabs works very unstable. I can’t recomend anyone to use that service at this moment. Hope they fix problems in the nearest future.

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