[RFC] Two New Categories


In the discourse docs it warns to not create too many categories so I have been hesitant to do so.

Don’t create too many initial categories, as you can overwhelm your audience. You can always add more categories, and easily bulk recategorize topics later. It’s better to figure out the organization as you go rather than assuming you’ll get it all right from the beginning (hint: you won’t).

However, I think that there are two that come to mind that might work well for our community so I wanted to get some feedback.


We have quite a few topics floating around from people who are absolutely new to CI and CD. It would be great to have a specific category for people to ask anything they would like. The goal here would be to have a “safe” place where anyone can admit that they don’t know something and have some more experienced folks hanging out in there to help them out.

CircleCI Frontend Issues

There are sometimes problems and questions about the UI (both inner and outer). These types of questions don’t seem to fit anywhere currently.

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback, complaints? All welcome here. :slight_smile:


For sure like the Beginners category. We should absolutely do that. My only concern would be policing it and making sure it didn’t become the default.


Good question, anyone should feel free to post questions anywhere. I just wanted to have a dedicated place so its not as overwhelming for some folks :slight_smile:

I am not suggesting that we force new users to go to the Beginners section.


+1 for a Beginners category.

Maybe revisit Frontend / website later?