Rerunning a workflow clears filters

If I’m looking at a list of workflows with some filters (say by branch), when one fails and I re-run it, I’m sent back to the pipeline page with the filters cleared. This is hugely frustrating.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up some filters on the Pipelines page
  2. Navigate into a failed job, and re-run it

You’re sent back to the pipelines page with filters cleared.

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Thanks @paulmdavies. If we direct you back to the pipelines page filtered by the branch of the job you just re-ran, would that solve this problem for you?

Thanks @Kate_Catlin, that would be better. I guess even better would be remembering the filters specified and restore those… Sometimes I filter by “my jobs” and then rerun a job, so it would be best to go back to that.


Gotcha thanks @paulmdavies.

I’m not sure if we’ll get to that feature of remembering features. In the interim, the URL does update when you filter so as a workaround you could bookmark that filtered URL. So that woudl be something like