Requested historical based timing, but they are not present

Hi there,

I’m running tests on a Django app and have successfully parallelized the tests, but I want to improve it even further by saving the timing data. However, all the options I’ve tried keep returning with:

Requested historical based timing, but they are not present. Falling back to name based sorting

The previous similar discussions were not useful and while I am doing this within a workflow, it seems like that should no longer be the issue.

The relevant section of my config.yml file is:

- run:
    name: "Run tests"
    command: |
      TESTFILES=$(circleci tests split ~/app/test_filenames.txt --split-by=timings --timings-type=classname)
      # Run tests ...
- store_test_results:
    path: ~/app/test-results/backend-tests

And the lines in test_filenames.txt file are of the classname form (e.g. accounts.tests).
Is there some crucial step that I am missing here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What is the directory structure look like under ~/app/test-results/backend-tests?
Is it like this:

├── jest
│   └── results.xml
├── mocha
│   └── results.xml
└── rspec
    └── results.xml

If your store_test_results is correct, my second guess is that the classnames from the test XML files and the lines of strings you’ve passed to split are not matching.