Received 'interrupt' signal


I have an urgent problem that I need help resolving.

We have been deploying our PHP based apps without any troubles for a while now.

Today, we suddenly started to get a strange error message in our composer dependencies step, with the message:

Received 'interrupt' signal

I found some similar issues regarding some Java based projects, and it was suggested that it was an OOM issue.

I have attempted to run the job without memory limits

php -d memory_limit=-1 `which composer` install --ignore-platform-reqs

But I still get the samme error message.

We are really stuck now, and are unable to deploy most of our apps.
Any suggestions?

We haven’t changed anything in our .circleci/config.yml files. On friday we where deploying without any issues, and today it suddenly stopped working.


Same issue here specifically at the end of the composer install step, even re-running a previously passing build causes the error so clearly nothing we’ve changed ourselves.


Same issue with me .


Same story here


Same issue here, without solution

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Same thing :open_mouth:
Support please fix it fast :slight_smile:

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It’s fixed


Thank you for the news :slight_smile:

Yeah, it seems to work now. Would be great if support could explain what happend though, so we could avoid this in the future.

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My build now seems to be working.

issue fixed !!

For those of you who raised a support ticket, you should have had an explanation already.

For the rest of you: there was a bug related to how the PHP binary in CLI mode handles closing the output stream before the process ends, which caused us to inadvertently abort the process early.

We have since fixed this bug and added a regression test for ths unusual PHP behaviour which should avoid any future reocurrences.