React Native complete CI / CD docs missing

I am looking for docs i which there is a complete guide for circle ci from testing to creating apk and IPA and then deployment on the app store and play store, but I didn’t get any docs.
or any one can give me a pipeline yml by which I can do all steps of test, create build and deploy apps?

Hey @WaqarAmjad !

If you check out the CircleCI Orb listing, and search for React, there are numerous ones which show how you might accomplish what you’re looking to do:

In particular, the first hit, an orb from React Native Community, has some entire pipeline examples which seem to include posting to both the App and Play Stores, through I’ll be honest and say I’m not particularly familiar with your particular use case.

But orbs are a great way to get functionality you need quickly, and the examples usually help point you in a good direction.

Hope that helps a bit?