Rails applications with unbuilt engines inside

I have a Rails application with several unbuilt engines in a subdirectory of the main app. Main app references these engines in its Gemfile via a relative path. This is a way to break up our Rails app into smaller, manageable components.

Rails app and each engine have their own suite of rspec tests we have a script that runs rspec tests of the main app first, then runs rspec tests of each individual engine.

This works in Circle CI (after some customization code in our script to make it collect artifacts properly), however this doesn’t let us run multiple tests in parallel.

How can we scale our tests to make them run faster/in-parallel?

Thank you!

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This may help you, since you are using RSpec: https://circleci.com/docs/parallel-manual-setup/#auto-balancing

Thank you @drazisil: I’ll try that, although our test suite is not huge yet, so it runs quite fast as is.

That has the information on parallel: true as well, so I thought it may help :smile: